City Pulse Style Police: Zooey Tees


Getting that perfect blowout, finding those killer shoes on sale, meeting that hot guy out on the town. Yeah, those are a few of my favorite things, but take a look at Zooey tees by Alice Heller one of the hippest new lines around that do some good. These eco-friendly, 100% organic bamboo and cotton tees for men and women are the thing to wear these days.


Each time you buy one of these toppers, Zooey will donate five percent to the Healthy Child Healthy World Organization. Formerly known as CHEC – Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, this group is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of children from harmful environmental exposures. HCHW helps millions of people take action to create healthy environments and embrace green, non-toxic steps.


That sounds pretty good to us. And FYI: Barneys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Scoop, Fred Segal, Big Drop,, Madison, Shop Intuition, Planet Blue and more have picked up the new line. The tees retail for $82 and are available in sizing XS-XL.


So, take a cue from celebs like Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Brooke Shields, Olivia Newton-John, Sienna Miller, Sheryl Crow, Zooey Deschanel, and Michelle Trachtenberg, who are snatching them up faster than you can say “environmentalist,” and get them while they are hot. Because nothing is better than having the latest and greatest fashions, unless of course you can also help save the planet. Your mother will thank you. Mother Earth that is.

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im looking for the tee that jennifer aniston is
wearing in an ad for cancer awareness, in the sept.31,2008,magazine section of the paper.
can you help me?
it says S W/AN ARROW 2 C
stand up 2 cancer
it is an alice heller tee by zooey.
thank-you for any info..


Zooey t-shirts are ridiculously comfortable and soft. Once you wear a Zooey shirt you won’t be able to go back to any other. So be warned! But is doing a sample sale for this one today and tomorrow so you can get your fill if you are a member of this site. Anyone can sign up though and it’s free. They have super deals.


Unfortunately Zooey is out of business. And they owed me money but screwed me out of it.


zooey tees is totally stand up….great company. and no they are not out of business. not sure what Jose is talking about…. but i guess some people get jaded for simple reasons.


sadly they are out of business- you are incorrect miah. great company but probably couldn’t make it in these hard times.


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