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Popomomo – Who Says Eco-Friendly, Modern and Sexy Don’t Mix?


Popomomo sounds like a children’s line of clothes, but it is very much for grown-up women who want to feel sexy and comfortable. The name stands for post-postmodern movement and the designs are just that. The clothes have unique shapes and fabrics that make a statement when you walk into a room. What else would you expect from a line whose spring collection was inspired by ancient statuary and Lifesavers? As crazy as it sounds, it works.


Accordian Dress (left), $178, and Hera Tunic (right), $192, both available at

“It’s all in the draping,” says designer Lizz Wasserman. “I think clothing should be specific. All pieces have to have a reason for being,” she said. Wasserman’s designs are indeed unique, yet they look good on a variety of bodies. “When I did my first photo shoot I shot a bunch of my friends and the clothes looked just as good on the size two as the size 12,” she said.


Wasserman began designing Popomomo in 2002, when she worked for Urban Outfitters and Free People in Philadelphia. The clothes gave Wasserman the freedom to experiment with different shapes and fabric.

Today Wasserman uses organic or sustainable fabrics, made with sustainable vegetable dyes and washes. She describes the fabric for spring as a hemp organic cotton blend with a “nubby” texture. Some of the dresses and pants are also made with an organic cotton stretch blend that Wasserman admits contains a bit of spandex. OK, even organic girls need some spandex now and then.


Caption: Gathered Tunic, $108, and Gertrude Bell Pants, $98, both available at

“Most women want to be sexy and comfortable also,” said Wasserman. She defines her target customers as smart, independent women who want to look good without spending a lot of time on it. “With these dresses, when I put them on, I’m done,” said Wasserman. If you want to look fabulous and different with minimal effort, Popomomo designs are for you.


Letter V Tunic, $128, available at

So, what does the future hold for Popomomo? Wasserman oversees the production of all the clothing in Los Angeles, and says that she wants to remain small for now. Still, she added a bag for the spring and will design some scarves this fall.

Popomomo pieces retail around $100-$300 and is available to NYCers at two Brooklyn locations: Sodafine (119 Grand St. in Williamsburg, 718.230.3060, and Rare and Fine (453 7th Ave. in Park Slope, 718.301.6375).

For more information, go to

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