Clear The Shelters — Rescue a Family Pet

The rescue and donate campaign returns to New York City this month with a welcoming woooof and purrrrr.

Clear The Shelters is a program that assists pet shelters across the United States including many in the tri-state area. The program runs from now until September 19th with the media partnership of NBC Universal and Telemundo. It has been successful since 2015 and helped place more than 551,000 pets into good homes.

On a personal note, I rescued my dog, Chi (above) — a crippled Chihuahua Pomeranian mix — many years ago and she brought great joy to my home for more than 16 years. For a list of local adoption and pet care agencies, check out this link.

Rescuing a dog or cat assists with the demise of puppy mills and animal cruelty.

Clear The Shelters