Cocoa Fever

It looks like the cold weather is finally upon us-leaving me craving a warm, comforting glass of hot chocolate. I set out this weekend, hoping to find the perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess and chocolateyness. Here in no particular order are the top four hot chocolate spots in NYC.

City Bakery
A favorite of man, and has been described as “cake in a cup” because of how rich and thick the chocolately beverage is. If you’ve got a wicked sweet tooth, this is the perfect cocoa for you.
3 W. 18th St. (Between 5th & 6th Avenues)

Vosges Chocolate
For white chocolate fans give the Bianca Couture Cocoa a try, Australian lemon myrtle, lavender flowers, vanilla and white chocolate. Not you’re typical cup of cocoa.
132 Spring St. (Between Greene & Wooster)

Mariebelle Fine Treats
Head over to the Cacao Bar and Tea Salon for a delicious Mocha hot chocolate, 60% cacao beans with finely ground coffee powder for a more grown up twist.
484 Broome St (Between Wooster & West Broadway)
762 Madison Avenue (Between 65th and 66th Streets)

Jaques Torres Chocolate Haven
If you’re feeling dangerous cozy up to the Wicked Hot Chocolate, allspice, cinnamon, ancho chili peppers, and smoked chipotle chili peppers. Sure to warm you up on the coldest winter day.
350 Hudson St. (Corner of King St.)

Now if you’re not a hot chocolate fan, you just don’t like chocolate (the horror!) or you’ve committed yourself to some crazy diet, have no fear! You can still warm yourself up with a manicure in Chanel’s Haute Chocolat Nail Colour, a deep brown with flecks of gold that can be found at your local Chanel counter from now through January.

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