Cold Weather Calls for Steaming Hot Drinks

Ever notice that during the summer the variety of cold drinks we consume is an endless liquid buffet of interesting choices? Then once the cold weather settles in, variety fades like a summer tan and we pare down to a couple of old standbys. B-o-r-i-n-g with a capital ‘B’. Baby, it’s cold outside! Warm up your body and wake up your taste buds with these steaming hot drinks.

hot drinks

Tea. Yes, tea. But wait, this ain’t your bubbe’s glezel tei. Hailing from across the pond in tea-lovin’ olde England is Pukka Tea, and they’ve got a whole world of new teas to turn you on to. Chai? Check. Chamomile? Check. Three cinnamon? Check, check, check. From morning wakey-wakey to bedtime nighty-night, Pukka organic teas offer a variety of herbal, black and green teas in an astonishing variety. Choose by desired result and select from Cleanse, Detox, or Harmonize, or have tea-time by the clock and enjoy blends made especially for AM or PM.

Personally, I choose by flavor and love Pukka’s Chai and Three Mint. I’ve only just begun to sip my way through their unique blends, and their rose, lavender, elderflower and marigold petals blend, which is called Love Tea, is next on my list to…ahem….love. No doubt I’ll be enjoying many of these on ice once summer comes our way again.

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hot drinks

A steamy cup of hot cocoa is not only delicious, but brings back childhood memories of my mother having a big mug of it waiting for me when coming home from hours of ice skating. The three Tickettyboo sisters, all moms, who own Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate Mix know what I’m talking about. Their adorably packaged cocoa mix is a family recipe handed down to them by their own mom. Two varieties, regular cocoa and with xoxo peppermint are both sensational.

Just scoop some into a cup, add hot water and stir. Whipped cream or marshmallows are optional…well, maybe for some of you.


Sip and stay warm!

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