Come Fly With Me, Come Fly…Let’s Fly Away

[/center] Why hellooooo my little chickadees. Do I have something ahhhhhhhhhhsome for you today. It’s kind of in the spirit of Valentine’s being a week from today, and kind of in the spirit of just good old usefulness and a rah-rah to the entrepreneurial spirit.

Before I take-off, though, I’d like to conduct a poll – who flies? Well, I’m going to guess a lot of us do, unless Whoopi Goldberg is a subscriber, and in that case – WAZZUP WHOOPI??? Anywho, I’m going to guess we all fly, at least from time to time. How many of those times have you ended up sitting next to that one person that is going to make the next X number of hours of your life a living hell. Some examples would be: body odor so potent it turns your Japanese straightened locks curly again, a chatty Cathy that ends up telling you her whole life story and inviting you to her Nantucket wedding by the end of your flight, the cocky shmuck-a-doo who assumes that since you’re a pretty lady and sitting next to him on the plane that it automatically means you’ll want to go on a date with him as soon as you land at your destination. Any of this ring a bell? Yeah, I thought so. Look, it’s happened to me, so you don’t have to feel alone.

Now, however, there is a solution to all of this gobbledygook that doesn’t involve paying your best friend to travel with you just to take up the extra seat next to you. Drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll drumroll…AirTroductions.

AirTroductions is a company started by a guy named Peter (who, coincidentally, I heard is a friend of my friend, Emily – holla at the six degrees of separation here peeps), and Peter apparently had been on a good number of these aforementioned flights with bad seat partners. Peter said, “ENOUGH!” Thus AirTroductions was born, which is kind of like a meets (insert major airline here) ticketing service. You start your own profile with a little info about yourself, the type of people you want to meet, and your airport preferences (i.e. I fly out of Newark, LaGuardia, JFK, etc). Razi’s preferences, uh, I mean, Erika’s preferences state that I’m a JFK kinda gal. My profile is a little on the dark side – you know, the sassy side of not sassy. Than you can search people based on airports, see if there’s anyone you want to contact, and hook it up. There are lots of different people on the service – from the “I’ll only fly in first class so don’t even bother contacting me if you don’t” to the “I’ve always smelled those chocolate chip cookies but never tried one myself” types. (ED NOTE: I totally added in the “attitude” or state of mind into those profiles – it’s totally up to you to determine if someone’s personality/profile works for you…how Dr. Laura of me).

The service is free to sign up, $5.00 to do a one-time reach-out (i.e. you don’t fly that often, but want to reach out to someone when you do), and $19.95 per month for frequent fliers who just can’t get enough. I guess that means if you fly more than four times per month, the monthly membership is probably the way to go.

It’s a really really fun service, and I love the idea of it. I mean, talk about killing two birds with one stone, eh? Six hours with nothing to do, hey, might as well possibly meet the man or woman of your dreams. Who knows, maybe sparks will fly, and hopefully it’s between you and your seat mate and not the airplane.

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