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Your hair is your crowning glory, and one of the first things other people notice, so of course you want it be lustrous and shiny, right? Insure that with Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements. No need to suffer with thinning hair when you can have a healthy head of hair by nourishing it naturally from within.

How does it work? Viviscal Supplements are formulated with marine complex AminoMar, which is scientifically designed to promote hair growth during the Anagen, or growing phase of the hair growth cycle. The ingredients in AminoMar originated from a Scandinavian study of the Inuits, whose diet was rich in fish and protein and whose hair and skin was especially healthy. The key protein molecules from this diet were used to create AminoMar. These supplements also include Vitamin C, Niacin, Biotin, Horsetail Extract, Zinc, Iron and Millet Seed Extract. Taken regularly, Viviscal Supplements noticeably stimulate hair growth and maintain fullness in the scalp. The supplements are completely drug free and can be used without side effects.

Hair loss results from a variety of factors such as stress, age, hormonal fluctuations, inadequate diet, medications and smoking. Since both men and women suffer from hair loss, Viviscal has formulated supplements specifically for each. Viviscal Man Supplements contain similar ingredients as the Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements, but also contain Flax Seed.

Take just two tablets a day for three to six months and you will see a difference in your hair. As a bonus, some Viviscal users have found that their nails also grow faster and become stronger due to the nutrients. Even after your hair increases its growth rate, it is best to continue taking one to two tablets a day.

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