Confessions of a Health and Fitness Editor
Bonus: Read on for BN’s gift to our loyal readers!

sweet_summer_freebie.jpg After one too many red velvet cupcake indulgences and a lack of gym activity due to a mix of laziness and sheer boredom, I am officially in need of some help to get back into svelte summer-savvy shape!

I am a strong believer in personal trainers, but you have to know which one is right for you. For a woman who wants to burn fat and tone her muscles – cardio + strength training is key. After some serious research, I decided upon New York Personal Training because of their unique training plan. At NYPT, each client gets a different plan according to his or her needs – this type of personalized guidance is exactly what you want in a personal trainer. Often times, trainers have a set general plan that they tweak very slightly for each person. These plans usually don’t work in the long-term because everyone has a different body-type and different nutrition and fitness needs.

Michael Shaw, the founder of NYPT, assured me that with the right diet and balanced fitness regimen, my goal of losing 10-15 lbs. in a month was definitely doable and healthy. In the next few CP editions, I plan to keep BN readers posted on my progress and results. Just think of me as the honorary fitness guinea pig that makes sure things work before you give it a go!

Bonus: Interested in trying out New York Personal Training for free? BN’s got you covered with this Sweet Summer Freebie. Give NYPT a call and mention this BeautyNews post for 2 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS. Free personal attention to help you fit into this seasons latest sexy pieces?

Admit it – You love BN.

To contact New York Personal Training for 2 Free Personal Training Sessions, e-mail [email protected]. Don’t forget to mention the column! For more information, check out


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