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Japanese restaurants are quickly becoming as commonplace as New York pizza shops. The one main difference is variety – each Japanese restaurant in the city touts its own unique edge that causes us to crave one over another. It could be a special roll, a great discount, or amazing sake – in the case of Yushi, it’s their sexy sleek conveyor belt!

Yushi Bento Bar’s Midtown location has been a staple lunch spot for a few years. With it’s freshly packaged to-go options, Yushi is the perfect healthy quick-fix for busy Midtown lunchers.

The newly added conveyor belt adds a sit-down feel to the location, coaxing customers to take a break from their busy day to sit, check out, and choose from option after option of cold and hot foods that roll by.

My personal faves were the shrimp tempura, the cucumber avocado roll, and the shrimp dumplings. For those with a sweet tooth, you must try the chocolate mousse and green tea crème brulee. If you want to dine with class, but the economic climate has you avoiding the Masa’s and Nobu’s of New York, Yushi is a great way to indulge without breaking the bank. Presentation, atmosphere, and food are of the highest quality here and it shows.

As a plus, Yushi sells beer, sake and their belt is open from 11:30am to 9 pm – making it perfect for an Asian-inspired Happy Hour, lackadaisical lunch, or date-night dinner!

245 Park Ave. (47th St. btw. Park & Lexington)

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