Costello Tagliapietra Plays It Naturally Gorgeous

One of my personal favorites of dress design is the heavily bearded, flannel plaid-wearing duo of Brooklyn-based boys Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra. Each and every item produced by Costello Tagliapietra is a masterpiece of draping and construction. There is always a touch of vintage inspiration behind each piece. The tone of their collections is ladylike, glamorous and classy. There are no bandage mini dresses to be seen here. Being fortunate enough to own three of their frocks myself (I got married in City Hall wearing one!), I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for their fans for Spring 2011.

They did not disappoint. Their Spring/Summer 2011 collection was natural, neutral (but certainly not drab) and “green”, without sacrificing any of the sophistication I expect to see from them. Exclusive fabrics from their collection were made using a new technology called AirDye, which dyes and prints textiles without using water. Costello Tagliapietra states, “often making clothes eco-friendly means sacrificing some of their beauty. We use AirDye because it’s a truly sustainable method of printing and dying- and it’s beautiful. Color is important to us. With this process, we get amazing shades that you can’t achieve with standard printing, a tonal quality that almost looks like a watercolor.” And the color of the garments certainly was gorgeous! Statistics provided by the designers claim that each one of their dresses dyed and printed with AirDye technology, as opposed to a traditional method, will save 69.2 gallons of water, 1607 mega joules of energy and 5.9 kilograms of greenhouse gas. That’s per dress! How many designer clothing lines do you hear that from?

Light, neutral makeup was done by Lisa Butler for M.A.C. The look was a modern day take on Mia Farrow from her role in The Great Gatsby. A root cream color base was diffused over the eyelids from the lash line to brows with a touch of mascara. Concealer was patted onto the lips, combined with Brit Wit Blushcream and Vintage Rose Cream Colour Base. Brit Wit Blushcream and Vintage Rose Cream Colour Base were also blended onto the cheeks for a very natural finish. Hair was pulled up into a loose, not-too-perfect bun by Nelson Vercher for Rita Hazan Salon.

So I have already decided that the AirDye Electric Storm Print Day Dress With Sculpted Shoulder is mine as soon as it hits the selling floor next season. That gives me plenty of time to start saving my money. Until then, I have my take-home gift, an AirDye tote bag in the Electric Storm print to hold me over. Thanks guys for another amazing collection!

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Robin Bertelsen


Thanks for the great write up from the Costello Tagliapietra SS2011 show. We love working with Jeffery and Robert. Their designs are exquisite and they’ve really figured out how to make the most of AirDye technology’s unique capabilities, especially the contrasting dyes where each side of the fabric is a different design.

Do you have any pieces from their last two collections? Perhaps you’re already wearing one of CT’s AirDye creations?

AirDye Solutions
Dir of Social Media
AirDye Good for Water Blog


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