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Are you of the school that it’s all been done before? Seen this, worn that, big snooze, huge bore. Then you certainly haven’t grabbed a load’a designer EMRE ERTURK’s for-sure-couture handbags ( Oh yeah, uh-huh, that’s right – Emre is kicking up his well-heeled heels and tromping formerly-known boundaries of the fashionista scene with his truly couture, custom-made-to-order, knock-that-girl-over-and-snatch-her-purse style bags that just quicken your purse (hee-hee, pulse) to an alarming pace. Truly, what makes our little hearts pitter-patter faster than a soft-as-buttah leopard-orange horseshoe-style number swishing its way toward us on Madison Avenue? (It’s enough to make you go deaf, dumb and blind, you crave it so bad.)

emrepic2_b.jpg emrepic3_b.jpg

Ok, maybe if it’s slung over the manly shoulders of an international hottie-icon like our good friend Bradley or some sword-wielding Cavalli incarnation, could it truly surpass our feelings of obsession and descend headlong into stark-raving madness. But hunky boys aside, a fabulous bag will certainly swing you outta a blue mood, remind you that you are too-too and shoot you right back into the happy space you normally inhabit, sans pills or other dangerously addictive habits.


Now I don’t exactly delude myself into envisioning I’m fashion’s poster-child (more like its love child), but I can just imagine strutting my stuff with my teacup snauzer (if I had one, and if it actually existed) stuffed lovingly into Emre’s chic-y dog-carriers, with my gorgeous male-arm-candy-piece all stylie with his ever-so-carelessly slung Emre manpurse, on our way to catch the Jitney, dahling. Now that’s my idea of the American family.

An endearing image to be sure, centered on stunning ‘accessories’ that play more like the main course or headline act, than a mere appetizer. I swear I could plot an entire wardrobe around Emre’s bags alone, especially if its one-of-a-kind, they broke the mold, used my fabulousness as a muse to create a work of wearable art – oh yah, I can get behind that visage. And btw, if you’re lucky enough to score a golden ticket to his fashion-week extravaganza, just be ready to guzzle tons ‘o champagne and scarf some crudité, for this show is truly French-style, brunch-munching, put on your high-minded heels and show up to work it for the edgy-as-fashion true-blue NY crowd. See ya on the runway, ladies!

[email protected]
347 Fifth Avenue
(212) 951-7269

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Love Emre bags! I always get compliments with my emre bags and they last long!
Thank you !!


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