CP Curio: A New Hive

hive.jpg Imagine a triangular archway covered with jars of honey. As you make your way through you are transported to a room taken from the 1920’s. Sketches of honeybees adorn the walls and you can smell mother nature all around you. An old wooden desk sits beneath a map of the world, the corners of the room covered with trees and a single beehive. A chest of drawers filled with thousands of different insects, sea shells and precious rocks, like you’re viewing someone’s personal collections. In the middle of the room is a single table topped with a magnified beehive and hundreds of thousands of honeybees.

A New Hive, a non-profit organization created to raise awareness of the importance of honeybees and the art of beekeeping, has collaborated with several artists to create this installation hosted by Earnest Sewn Co. in the Meatpacking District during July. Honeybees are disappearing from their hives all over the world – an astounding 70% have been reported missing. Did you know that honeybees pollinate a third of the food we eat, and without them our vegetable, fruit and nut supply could become scarce? I recommend checking out the installation for an insight into a bug’s life, but if you can’t make it to the exhibit check out www.ANewHive.org where you can watch videos and read about the importance of honeybees. From there you can help save the bees by making a donation.

WHAT: A NEW HIVE Installation Series
WHEN: July 10th – July 31st
WHERE: Earnest Sewn Co., 821 Washington Street (Corner of Gansevoort St.), 212.242.3414,

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