CP Curio: Only the Strong Survive

Bravery, like many things, is subjective. Moving to New York City during the midst of a recession is brave. However, many would argue that fighting a war in a foreign country is braver. Wearing a fur coat during a city’s annual PETA fundraiser is brave. Choosing to embark on a road trip to Europe alone may be considered somewhat braver. Can one person or brand define bravery? Can bravery truly be bottled, distributed and sold? Diesel, the creator of the popular men’s cologne and women’s perfume “Fuel For Life,” strongly believes so.

On April 30th Diesel launched its new cologne for men, “Only the Brave“. The event was held in New York City’s popular OpenHouse Gallery in the trendy area of Soho. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the night was that this was not your typical launch party, teeming with vapid socialites and free booze. While there were free vodka drinks provided by Absolut Vodka, there was also a vast collection of artworks from notable, well-respected and creative artists. Here, each artist demonstrated their own personal definition of bravery, courage and self-discovery.

One of the artists, Edgar Gonzalez, a native of Ecuador, showcased his personal idea of bravery by creating an extremely detailed drawing of a metropolitan landscape that took him almost half a decade to complete. Every single day, during his subway ride, he would create a single panel.

Popular artist Sandra Chi designed 10 articulate and innovative illustrations that were built upon and inspired by iconic females from the 1920s, such as Greta Garbo and Bette Davis. Professional photographs of black albino model Shaun Ross also demonstrated an aspect of bravery that many people overlook – racial courage.

Now about the juice, Only the Brave is described as “woodsy, Oriental and leathery.” The scent contains hints of amber, cedar and lemon and was named after Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s charity foundation.

We tested the cologne during the launch party and found the slightly strong scent to be both powerful and masculine. Though Mother’s Day is this weekend, keep the scent in mind for that special man in your life as it represents true courage and self-determination – and succeeds in doing so.

All artwork from the evening’s celebration will be housed in the Diesel Denim Gallery in Soho during the month of May for public view.

Diesel SoHo
135 Spring St (at Wooster St.)

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