CP Curio: Reeled In

I know, I know – no NYC resident in her right mind would set foot in tourist-swelled Times Square without a darn good reason, so file this one under “Must See To Believe”: The Netflix Movie Watching World Championship.

Starting at 10:30am on October 2nd, the popular online movie rental service will host the competition with the goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for consecutive hours spent watching movies.

Eight contestants will be seated in the Netflix Movie Watching Arena – a plexi-glass living room in the center of Times Square – where a slate of 56 pre-chosen movies will await their eager eyeballs. The current world record holder – Ashish Sharma of Mathura, India – will be on hand to defend his existing world record of 120 hours, 23 minutes.

And if the idea of a fishbowl-eye view into the battle isn’t enough to rouse your curiosity, get this: Guinness World Records rules require the participants to watch films non-stop without taking their eyes off the screen. In fact, medical professionals will monitor them during the event to make sure they’re truly watching the films, and aren’t just zoning out in front of the screen.

The prizes (aside from World-Record-holding notoriety) include $10,000 in cash, a lifetime subscription to Netflix and an official Popcorn Bowl trophy.

An epic battle between not only the competitors, but also onlookers (the mind reels with all the possible ways gawkers will attempt to divert eyes from screens) – now that’s worth the price of admission.

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