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With summer fast approaching, the minds of the style savvy naturally turn to buying that perfect, airy capsule wardrobe; to highlighting lackluster locks with an infusion of sunshine tones; and most importantly, to acquiring that sun-kissed, healthy glow so enviably sported by chic surfer-girl types and the well-heeled of luxury resort cocktail parties. Yet it is one of the great ironies of womankind that rather than wholeheartedly embracing their fresh visage sans maquillage, most ladies slave for hours trying to achieve that “natural” look, a disheartening process, which thanks to overzealous product application, very often results in quite the opposite.

So for anyone who has ever striven for natural perfection, Me by {Me}zhgan, the new, functional line of makeup by Mezhgan Hussainy, makeup artist to the stars, presents itself as the only logical answer. Comprising an indispensable complete collection that features a primer/foundation duo, cream concealer/powder duo, bronzers, eye shadows, eye liners, lip glosses and liners, mascara, multi-color blush and several versatile cosmetic accessories, this unique line offers women the chance to quickly and easily become more polished versions of themselves.

The key to success here is customized moderation, as the unique dual packaging design allows you to control the exact amount of product used; the Me line is also singular in being suitable for all skin types, as well as featuring items for both men and women.

Mezhgan’s philosophy is to create and use cosmetic products which show the face rather than the makeup – Me by {Me}zhgan makes this possible. This makeup line is versatile and easy to use and delivers flawless results every time, both in the professional arena of television and in everyday use at home. Finally, this is a cosmetics line with a heart, as part of the proceeds goes to the Faraway Foundation, a non-profit organization launched by Ms. Hussainy benefiting the women and children of Afghanistan. So not only will Me let you realize your natural beauty and improve your overall happiness, but it will also improve the lives of women just like yourselves – a match made in makeup heaven.

For more information, or to order Me by {Me}zhgan, please visit http://www.mebymezhgan.com.

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Is Mezhgan Iranian?

Christopher Szaz

According to mahalo.com, she was born in Afghanistan.


good luck with your products Mehgan. Hope you have a lovely marriage with Simon. Don’t listen to the criticism. some people are just so nasty. Just ignore them and be happy. wish you success with your product/business and both of you much happiness. god bless


Fantastic good luck to both of you Simon is a great guy and you both make a lovely couple – wish you all the best for the future -always remember to be each others friend first !!


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