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If I say apple, and you think iPhone, then you’re venturing too far from nature. Come back to your core.

This season, think apple and remember Candy Apples – those tasty treats with the softly crisp inside and the hard shell on the outside that crunches like sweet lacquer with every sugary bite. Truth is I never really liked those treats. I just liked their sweet smell and that glossy, glassy coating, with the eponymous stick coming out of the top.

Our lady of high fashion and healthy food, Donna Karan, remembers too. But instead of wearing all that sugar on our hips, she suggests we spray it on our skin for all to enjoy.

The new Delicious Candy Apples from DKNY is the perfect gift for the girl who loves and lives in the Big Apple. Available in three juicy flavors, Sweet Caramel, which has a touch of pear and the softness of marshmallow mingled with the caramel, feels like dessert on the skin, but then the essence of jasmine, muguet and violet take it up a notch, so it’s for grown-up girls.

Ripe Raspberry mixed with lime and a little cola makes me want to drink it all up, and the addition of lilies and peonies remind me that it won’t be winter forever. Juicy Berry is a sophisticated fruit salad of fragrance with black currants, black berries, pears and lychee. Sprinkle in some soft rose petals, delicate apple blossoms, and spike it with sandalwood and sugary blonde woods and you get a scent that transports her from the urban jungle to crisp woody knoll.

Pick one of these for your favorite Big Apple tart!

Available: http://www.dkny.com and DKNY stores. 1.7 oz bottle, $55.00

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