CP Giveaway: A Hairy Situation

Summer is upon us, but we don’t have to tell you that. The heat, humidity and warm, balmy weather is undoubtedly wreaking havoc on your hair – turning sleek, straight styles into flat, limpless looks and bouncy, beautiful curls and waves into unmanageable frizz city. So, what’s a girl to do? Move to a humid and heat-free climate where one can straighten, blowdry and curl until her heart is content? Don’t worry, there’s no need for a relocation.

To help you find easy summer hairstyles that are convenient, quick and lovely, we enlisted the help of hair genius Ted Gibson and his expert team of stylists. Gibson, was in charge of manipulating the looks of the models at the Issa London Resort Presentation held at the Standard Hotel in New York City. And with the right products from Gibson’s line, your hair can be turned into gorgeous tresses – even when the temperatures soar into the triple digits!

Without two of Gibson’s most famous hair styling formulas, summer hair isn’t easy to maintain. Liam Carey, one of Ted Gibson’s gifted stylists, suggests pinning the hair up instead of using a blowdryer and heated styling tools. “Updos are great for women in New York City – and they look best with a middle part,” says Carey, who uses bobby pins to secure messy updos. Carey also suggests that all women can pull off the look of a middle part, and should play around with the length and cut of their bangs to discover which looks are most flattering. Carey recommends Gibson’s Tame It Lotion, essential to helping the perfect updo stay in place and for providing a natural hold to hair with no build-up or sticky feeling. For women on the go, Gibson’s Hairsheet Styling Towelettes are a godsend. Infused with vitamins A, B5, E, amino acids and silicone compounds, the towelettes add polish and shine to dry, summer-damaged tresses, protecting the hair cuticle from environmental damage and eliminating static.

Ladies, we know summer can be rough on hair, but as Gibson and his team of stylists have demonstrated – your hair can still look great despite harsh conditions like summer heat and humidity. To enter for a chance to win Ted Gibson’s Hairsheet Styling Towelettes and Tame It Lotion, send an e-mail to [email protected] with “Ted Gibson” in the subject line by Monday, August 3rd and be sure to include your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

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