CP Giveaway: The Perfect Summer Do

I’m not one for updos of any sort, even a simple ponytail is reserved for lazy days at home or when I’m cleaning the house. I’d say I probably over ponytailed myself in elementary school as your typical tomboy. But I just can’t turn the other cheek to the new casual yet chic updos that have been making their way onto runways, red carpets and have now converted me.

From braided styles to chignon’s one of my favorite looks so far has been the loose, low bun created by Pasquale Ferrante of ION Studios at the AKRIS Fall show. Despite the fact that Pasquale created this look for Fall, I’d have to say that this is the perfect summer do. It’s office friendly, will keep you cool in the scorching NYC heat and can transition perfectly from day to night.

Here at BN we want you to change your look for summer and cool down with this casual chic updo. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Pasquale for step-by-step instructions on creating the look at home and we’re also giving away the Davines products used to achieve the look (Texturizer and Invisible Hair Spray) to 2 lucky readers.

Simply send an email to [email protected] with “Summer Hair” in the subject line and be sure to include your name, telephone number and email. All entries must be received by Thursday July 2nd.

Pasquale’s Step-by-Step:

1.Wash hair with a gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner. 

2. Tousle blow dry until nearly dry.

3. The AKRIS style was achieved by blow-drying the hair straight back into the direction of the actual shape we were going for (hair off the face, pulled back, yet not slick or wet in appearance). This step requires patience, control, and a smooth flat boars hairbrush. Blow dry sections of the hair straight back off the face. Use a bit of texturizer to help with the blow dry, but DO NOT overload the product. The look is natural, and “product-less”.

4. Once hair has been completely blown back, pull hair back into an extremely tight ponytail using an elastic with hooks on either end, which enables you to pull the hair tighter than with normal elastics. 

5. Texturize some mess into the ponytail slightly, with product and by hand, so when we you work it into a bun; an organic look will be achieved. 

6. Now work the hair within the ponytail into a loose bun using only one section, wrapped around the base of the ponytail. Fasten counter clockwise with hairpins, anchoring the pins into the ponytail base. 

7. Lightly “mess up” the finished bun, using your fingers to lightly pull out a few strands to give it a bit of youthful texture and feeling. 

8. Spray lightly the entire look with a light finishing spray.


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