CP Giveaway: The Perfect Summer Glow

OK, I know it’s Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer; the forecast promises warm temperatures and beach filled fun. But please, whatever you do…don’t spend hours sunbathing! I know you’ve been warned a million and one times about the effects of prolonged sun exposure and how it will have you looking like Cameron Diaz’s neighbor (Magda?) from There’s Something About Mary, in no time.

With so many great sunless tanning products breaking their way onto the market there’s really no need to fry on the beach. That’s where Clarins comes in; their tanning products are famous in the industry for their easy application, quick drying time and perfectly bronzed results.

In an attempt to cure your tanorexia we’ve teamed up with Clarins to offer 3 lucky readers the perfect Get Glowing kit. Fully equipped with Smoothing Body Scrub for a New Skin, to ensure even application; Self Tanning Instant Gel, for an instant golden tan; and Liquid Bronze Self Tanning, to keep your face and décolleté glowing as well. Just send an email to [email protected] with “Get Glowing” in the subject line and be sure to include your name, email and telephone number by Thursday May 28th.

Enjoy your sunburn free holiday weekend and be sure to check out our July issue where I tackle the ins and outs of self-tanning and determine the best products to use for your specific skin tone.

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Shirley A. Spaulding

Love to tan! Beach bunnies rule!

sherrie hoffman

Pick me Pick me

Janine Maffett

Would love to find a face tanner that doesn’t leave my oily skin any greasier than it is already!

Courtney Freasier

I would love to try the Clarin’s self tanner. I was recently told about this product. I’m a melanoma survivor and only tan the safe UV-free way.

Lynn Padula

Love the look of being tan without the skin damage that goes along with it


Love all Clarins other products – am just starting to try self tanners – have been a loyal sun worshiper in the past.


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