CP Palate: Give, Grow, Eat

Though we’re pretty sure most New Yorkers left their small town farms for the big city life way back when, it’s always a treat when you can enjoy some locally grown veggies. Even if local is as close as Brooklyn.

Roberta’s, which has quickly become a favorite among everyone from industry leaders to hipsters, will be hosting a serious feast tonight all for a good cause. Joined by Joe Bastianich and Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Tom Mylan and Brent Young of Marlow and Daughters and sponsored by SixPoint Craft Ales, to name a few, the benefit hopes to raise money in support of a commitment to build the first ever commercially-viable rooftop farm in the world.

By teaming up with Ben Flanner of Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farm, Roberta’s creative entrepreneurs hope to “bring food and people closer together in order to address the growing environmental, economic and health problems that face our city and our world.” Based on low-input, bare bones efficiency and high-yield organic methods, the farm will sustain itself through the sale of affordable, fresh produce by cutting out distribution and transportation costs.

Who knows, maybe it’ll serve as a little inspiration to buy locally, or to even start your own rooftop garden. After all, nothing smells as invigorating as homegrown basil or tastes as delicious as biting into a freshly picked tomato…oh the possibilities.

What: Roberta’s Farm Benefit Party
Where: Roberta’s, 
261 Moore Street, Brooklyn
When: Today! October 13th at 7pm

Tickets are $150 and can be purchased at: http://www.lsc.org/cooking/newtastes/robertas

For more info visit http://www.robertaspizza.com and http://www.rooftopfarms.org

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