CP Palate: Happy Hour(s)

Just when you made that New Year resolution to start eating better and drinking less, BN had to come along a ruin everything with a happy hour deal that nobody can refuse. Think affordable Japanese inspired cocktails and snacks Monday through Saturday at Japonais in Gramercy.

Jonesing for an evening of office gossip with your co-workers? Looking for a way to get to know the boss’ cute new assistant? Drag the gang to the newly extended happy hour, deemed Tasting Hour, and enjoy specialty cocktails and beers for a mere $4. Their weekly special cocktail is a revolving door of flavorful fruit concoctions while the Asian Pear Martini will satisfy even the manliest of men.

An appetizer menu features tasty plates for only $7, I enjoyed a perfectly crisp Crab Cake with the proper citrus garnishes and Lobster Spring Rolls, full of juicy, buttery lobster meat. But, if you’re craving a traditional beer and wings happy hour, snag a Sapporo (the quintessential Japanese brewskey) and an order of the Tokyo Drums (spicy teriyaki wings) and that plain old pub fair will be a thing of the past.

111 E. 18th Street (between Park & Irving)

Tasting Hour is served Monday through Friday 5-11pm and Saturday 5-8pm.

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