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A guy walks into a bar [insert punch line to the oldest joke in the book here] and asks for an apple martini…

If you’re an avid neon green apple-tini drinker then you’re exactly who Lisa Averbuch had in mind when she created LOFT. In an attempt to give people an option to drink something they felt good about, rather than sucking down loads of chemicals, the limoncello inspired liqueurs were created.

As the first certified organic liqueur in the country, LOFT is made with neutral grain spirits, organic fresh fruits or botanicals, is sweetened with agave nectar and distilled in a certified organic distillery in Oregon. Lavender, lemongrass and spicy ginger are the three flavors currently offered with the hope of adding more seasonal options in the future. The liqueur is a great addition to your libation of choice, especially if you’re looking to keep something on hand to jazz up an old favorite. Last week I added a splash of the lemongrass to my taco-night margarita(s) for a nice subtle flavor. I gladly tainted my beloved gin & tonic with a dash of the lavender to add to the floral scent of the gin. You can also mix up a whole sleuth of LOFT’s original cocktails with the stuff.

Give the Winter Holiday a try:

1 oz LOFT Spicy Ginger Cello

2 oz spiced rum

1 oz apple juice (or cider)

Dash cinnamon

You can purchase LOFT at Astor Wines & Spirits at 399 Lafayette St. (at E.4th) or visit http://www.LOFTliqueurs.com for more info on where to purchase LOFT or for more cocktail recipes.

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