CP Palate: Thanksgiving in the City

During these tough economic times with soaring ticket prices, traveling home for the holidays may be far outside of your budget. But, dinner with friends who can’t travel either is a perfect solution to help prevent that lonely holiday movie scene.

Now I know this may sound sacrilegious but consider dining out. Really! Just imagine a peaceful evening with friends, no parents asking what you’re doing with your life, no aunts crying about who knows what after a few too many glasses of pinot grigio and no political arguments with your ultra conservative cousin. Restaurants are filled up on Thanksgiving night offering all of your turkey day faves from cranberry sauce to stuffing and sweet potatoes (with marshmallows!) to the bird itself. Here are some suggestions for the big day:

The Little Owl
Offering up a la carte or a 4-course tasting menu option, you are sure to find the perfect dish to create new Thanksgiving memories. Hello Riesling roast turkey!

Keeping their motto of “A commitment to local products” in mind, Cookshop offers a perfectly seasonal 3-course menu including an option of wild mushroom pot pie for your tofurky tablemates.

Aurora Brooklyn
An Italian Thanksgiving with 4-courses including pasta and a turkey dinner. Perfect for those that are longing for nana’s macaroni and gravy.

The Harrison
A 3-course menu, offering a side of smashed sweet potatoes with caramelized homemade marshmallows. Need I say more?

The priciest of all with a 4-course menu, but the only to offer pumpkin pie for dessert. You decide.

Reserve a table while you still can, grab your kitchen-challenged friends and dine out this year, after all aren’t the holidays simply about being with those you love…

Log on to each restaurants’ website to view pricing and location information.

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