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New Yorkers love their drink, but by March’s end, even the most social of all butterflies, like myself, can be found holed up in their cocoons. Trekking out for happy hour in New York’s bitter cold at winters end is a feat, but Blue Owl brings me out on even the most blustery evenings.

Now that spring has sprung and tables are slowly spilling out on to the sidewalks, every New Yorker is ready for happy hour and we can once again get back to what we do best.

My favorite modern day speakeasy, with the candlelit rooms and amber glow that provided a warm and sexy hideaway in the winter, is also my cool reprieve from the inevitable heat wave come summer. The outdoor space is small and perfect for this time of year.

But it’s the cocktails that bring me back to Blue Owl. Charles Hardwick, and his staff (Brent is a favorite) continue to impress behind the bar with their unique libations like Hendricks Cucumber and, my absolute favorite, Rose Petal-infused gin, mint, cucumber, fresh lime and a dash of Angostura bitters, in the Ellison. I owe the bartenders here for turning a disdain of whiskey for a love of the liquorI guess it’s just about making the proper cocktail. The best time to try their fabulous drinks are during their happy hour everyday from 5-8pm when regular $12 cocktail are half price. That’s just proper.

Blue Owl
196 Second Ave. (between 12th and 13th Streets)

Fun Fact: For private affairs, there is an intimate room hidden behind a mirrored door (the mirror lets you look out at the bar while they can’t see what your private party is doing). You get your own BYO Ipod music, server and private entrance with secret password…super-swanky.

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