CP Steal: Meet the Parents

Can you believe it’s November already? Which means we’re inching closer and closer to holiday time. If you’ve decided to bring you’re new boyfriend home to Connecticut this year to officially meet the family be sure he’s been primped and prepped to impress.

Lucky for you, Lab Series Skincare for Men will be opening their first-ever New York pop-up store to preview their new men’s anti-aging skincare product. If you’ve been trying to get him to moisturize for ages, clean up his scruff or to just “get a manicure once and see how you like it, no polish I swear!” run, don’t walk to the event.

Fully equipped with grooming services, nail buffing and shoe shines. Have him stop by early to impress around the office or swing by after work to freshen up and debut the cleaned up version of you’re sweetie during happy hour.

We know you love him just the way he is, but everyone could use a little beauty advice. Especially if it means avoiding the side comments mom will make about his less then clean nails and shaggy haircut. Hopefully he’ll whip out the charm he used on you and by the end of the weekend she’ll be crazy about him, even if it does take a few glasses of chardonnay.

What: Lab Series Skincare for Men Pop-up Store Event
Where: 43 East 42nd Street, between Vanderbilt and Madison Avenues (adjacent to Grand Central Station)
When: Thursday November 12th – Saturday November 14th, 7am – 7pm daily

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lisbeth kramer

Is there any way you might connect me to who is producing the event/pop up store? I might have some valueable partnerships for them if they do this elsewhere again.
thank you.

lisbeth kramer


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