CP Steal: Perfect Brows, Wax Free!

Obtaining and maintaining perfect eyebrows is something that doesn’t come easily to me, a self-proclaimed tweezing terror. Enter Elke Von Freudenberg, eyebrow specialist and the best thing to happen to my brows since I realized there were two. After my first appointment with Elke I was hooked – she was friendly, informative and worked with me to get the shape I wanted. She used only a pair of tweezers to painlessly perfect my furry brows all the while giving me memorable and extremely useful advice. I walked out of the salon with Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows, swearing I was done with waxing and too-thin brows forever.

Here are a few of Elke’s tips for fellow eyebrow-challenged ladies…

There really is no set placement for eyebrows, because every eyebrow is different depending on the bone structure and eye shape. The basic lines are:

The Beginning…depends on the shape of the nose, but the beginning of the brow can be anywhere from the tear duct to the bone of the nose. A wrong beginning can make the eyes look either cross-eyed or will make the width of the nose look bigger.

The End…should be a straight line from the edge of the tip of the nose to the end of the eye is where the brow line should end.

The Arch…should be at the outside of the iris of the eye. Too far outside that and the brow can actually make the eye look like an “alien eye,” where the eye looks too close to the nose because the placement of the arch is off.

* If you’re growing in your brows, avoid waxing for this time and just tweeze what’s needed to keep as much growth coming in as possible.

* Even your brows with brow color and pencil to keep them looking neat.

* A brow wax is great for thicker brows, while brow clear mascara works best on thinner brows.

* Use highlight shadow to “hide” strays as they grow in under brows between appointments.

* If you see someone with great brows, ask where they get them done and always look at the brows of the person who’s working on you. How their brows are will give you an idea of how yours might look!

Elke is also offering a month long 15% discount to BN readers. Book an appointment online at http://www.themodelbrow.com (select the “Your Appointment” box and follow the links) and be sure to enter “BeautyNewsNYC” in the comments when booking*. For readers that can’t make it to Elke’s NYC location, sent an email to Contact@beautynewsnyc.com with “Elke” in the subject line to enter to win a shaping + brow product set that includes clear brow wax groomer + brow highlight. http://www.thebrowcollection.com

Elke works out of the Janet Rufin Salon in NYC
25 W. 19th Street

*Appointment must be booked online between January 15th-February 15th to redeem with “BeautyNewsNYC”. Not applicable if appointment is rescheduled.

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