CP Steal: Roberto Novo Salon: A Hair Heaven

When I first learned I was going to get a cut by Roberto Novo, I thought, “Finally, my prayers have been answered!” A chance to get my hair cut by a 30 plus year veteran of the business, whose scissors have cut hair for people like Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Calvin Klein, (the list goes on), means there must be a God, or at least a hair God.

Now, if there is a hair God, Roberto Novo Salon is hair heaven. A small intimate space with calming white sparkling walls, a giant painting of Naomi Campbell, inviting black, white and red couches and to greet me at the door two little cherubs, Machito and Matilda (Roberto’s dogs).

Once in this hair heaven I met Roberto, in his gold-winged Adidas sneakers and figured this must be the Guardian Angel of hair. After a quick consultation, I went to get my hair washed. Usually the most dreaded part of getting your hair done, since no ones neck bends like that, but not here. Here you lay down on a reclining massage chair that is level to the sink, how is this not heaven?

Phase two: the cut. From the moment I sat in the chair I knew I was in great hands. Roberto shows no hesitation and is a true sculptor of hair. This wasn’t a drastic cut it, it was still my hair but the best my hair has ever looked or felt. People tend to get caught up in his famous clientele, but that is not what he is most proud of; his goal is to give everyday working men and women long lasting, gorgeous haircuts and that’s exactly what Roberto and his stylists do. I have been to my fair share of salons over the years and this was by far the best experience I have ever had.

Now through October you lucky readers will receive $20.00 off any treatment plus a deep conditioning treatment if you mention BeautyNewsNYC when booking your appointment. So really, what have you got too lose?

Roberto Novo Salon
45 Christopher St

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manuel novo

hola tio, soy manu!! capaz el unico q se acuerda jaja como andan tus cosas tdo bien?
vi la foto y te saque no te encontraba,te cuento q tu sobrino esta re grande pero todavia no habla se hace entender . nos vemos en las fiestas? ahora q tengo mail hablamos cuando quieras, no te cortes.
AKA nos acordamos de vs!!
te mandamos un beso grande …
thiago,barby y manu


Deborah A Bulleit

Where IS he now?
I brought a few women up from Kentucky a couple of times and wanted to come again – but it is closed??


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