CP Style Police: An Optical Illusion

In the world of fashion, green is definitely the new black, and I am not talking about the color. As environmentally friendly products become increasingly more popular, fashion is becoming just as eco-chic. And as we continue to become more cognizant of our environment with our eco-conscious tote bags and clothing, why not go even further with our eyewear.

Luxury eyewear designer, MODO, has made the move with a new line of “green” eyewear. MODO, makers of eyewear from designers who are no strangers to the fashion world, such as Derek Lam, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Tretorn, have introduced ECO by MODO (Eco Conscious Optics). Optical and fashion eyewear for both men and women, ECO by Modo is composed of recycled stainless steel and repurposed plastic for the first eyewear collection for consumers who want to make a statement in the “green” movement.

Each frame of sustainable eyewear is marked with a signature circle to distinguish the eco-friendly glasses from any other. The ecologically mindful eyewear is “green” from start to finish. ECO works to repurpose, recycle and reuse materials throughout the products lifecycle, which does not sacrifice the quality of the materials, the design or the price. The collection is packaged in recycled materials and comes with a mail-in recycling kit for unwanted frames.

ECO takes being green to a whole other level. With each frame purchased MODO donates one new tree to Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization that has been helping communities around the world plant trees since 1989.

ECO by Modo is available in a variety of stylish frames, colors and shapes and is affordably priced from $49-$150. Available at the MODO boutique in NoLita and at http://www.eco-optics.com.

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This is great! Glad to know about the line.


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