CP Style Police: hessnatur’s Clothes Do A Body Good


Organic clothing can be fashionable, colorful and sexy, as I found out on a recent visit to the hessnatur showroom. I must admit that I was not expecting to be wowed by organic clothing, but the new line designed by Miguel Adrover is absolutely divine. The Fall 2009 line has timeless style, great lines and a color palette that ranges from deep browns to fuschia.

hessnatur, a German based company, has come a long way since its infancy when founder Heinz Hess wanted to create organic clothing for his baby. Although it has been in business for 33 years, the new fashion forward clothing line by Adrover has catapulted hessnatur straight to the pages of Vogue magazine. Actress, Cameron Diaz models some of hessnatur’s clothing in this month’s issue. Not only will you look great in these clothes but they feel sooo comfortable on your skin.

I was truly blown away with the feel of the pure cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. All this and they look good too! Adrover’s designs are classic with a modern flair that will appeal to a wide variety of fashionistas. The shapes are body neutral and will fit almost any size and look great. I drooled over the deep brown wool and cashmere wrap coat with a shawl collar and vowed to make it mine. I also wanted to walk away with the hot pink sweater dress in wool that could also be worn as a tunic. Another stunner was the long tie-dyed silk print dress with a fitted body and fabric sleeves.
hessnatur’s cotton fabrics are all 100% organic. Other fabrics like silk and wool are only partially organic due to the limited supply of organic farmers. Still, the company has a strict environmental manufacturing process to ensure that fabrics are not treated with synthetic dyes, finishes or chemical substances.

What could be better than wearing environmentally friendly clothes that also happen be stylish and chic?

For more information on the company and the Miguel Adrover clothing line check out http://www.hessnatur.com.

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