CP Style Police: How to Master the Art of Seduction with Fashion

If clothes make the man, then the ideal couture can transform any woman into an irresistible vixen. From Marilyn Monroe’s legendary halter dress that left husbands everywhere a seven-year itch, to Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with shoes, sex and the city, the right outfit can entice audiences everywhere. Just ask Elizabeth Taylor, whose skin tight white slip worn for her 1958 film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof transformed her from a soft-spoken actress into a feline in heat.

As we mentioned when the exhibit first opened, Seduction at the Museum at FIT, features over 70 looks and 40 accessories, showcasing staple pieces that have forever changed the art of tease, including a black Belle Époque corset, red satin Manolo Blahnik stilettos, and a leather evening gown by John Galliano for Christian Dior.

“The proximity of clothing to the body is inherently sensual, conveyed through the strategic interplay of exposure and concealment,” says Colleen Hill, curator of Seduction. While some of us may worry that being alluring means wearing too-tight thongs and low-rise jeans, Hill believes that revealing our inner sexpot is easier than squeezing into a waist cincher. Hill has provided us with some tips on how to create a sexy wardrobe that will make hearts pound for many years to come.

1. Dressing to suit your personality is always very important. Steer clear of pieces that may seem obviously sexy, but don’t appeal to your individual fashion sense. There are many types of sexy-go for something that’s subtly sultry or romantic if over-the-top sexiness isn’t for you.

2. Always dress for your body type. We have many options with today’s styles, and there’s something to suit everyone. Choose something that conceals figures flaws and highlights your best features. This will help boost confidence, which is always sexy.

3. Choose to wear sensuous fabrics. Material such as silk jersey or chiffon not only feel great on the body, they look sexy and beg to be touched.

4. Wear sexy underwear. Even if no one else can see it, this hidden luxury is always a big confidence-booster. Well-made underwear can also help clothes to fit better.

5. Be just a little daring-although you shouldn’t stray too far from your personal style, wearing a slightly lower neckline or shorter skirt than usual can help you to feel alluringly risqué. If you don’t usually dress seductively, it’s always a good idea to pair something sexy with something a little more conservative-i.e. a low-cut blouse with a modest-length skirt.

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