CP Style Police: The Labor Day White Prohibition


As the holiday weekend draws near and New Yorker’s are packing their bags for one last hoorah in the Hamptons and down at the Jersey shore, we are making sure our white jeans, white wedges and white sundresses are clean and pristine. Why is that? Well, it is the last weekend that us fashion-savvy New Yorker’s can get away with wearing our white attire from head to toe. Or is it?

It has been the age-long fashion faux-pas: absolutely no wearing white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. Here at BeautyNewsNYC.com, we are debating the prohibition of white. This old school rule is slowly fading in fashion trends. Even fashion designers are starting to include white options in their fall lines. But simple rules do apply, if you choose to wear white in the “off” months.

White has been deemed the “summer” color mainly because it reflects sunlight and we all know how those steamy, hot summer days can be in the city. Many of the summer whites also coincide with light-weight fabrics, such as linen. But, be sure you wear the correct fabrics if you carry white into the fall. A winter-white cashmere sweater is more than appropriate for a fall trend. Winter-white outerwear is also very chic and classic into the winter months. White linen pants: not so much.

However, it is strictly a matter of preference and in New York City, almost anything goes. As white apparel dwindles with the end of summer, why not be daring and put the ban on white to rest. Go ahead and wear a pair of white jeans with a sweater or blazer. I dare ya!

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It’s about the fabric, more than the color.

White linen pants/skirt/jacket look silly once the weather turns.
However, white wool (which is never as bright a white as linen anyway) looks terrific.

But if you live in a hot climate, and you can wear sandals and/or go swimming outdoors, summer white is ok.


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