CP Style: These Shoes are Made for Walkin’

Agusia from the Fall collection[

Agusia from the Fall collection

Staggering down Fifth Avenue in your astronomical high heels, you stop and stare at that super fab “it” girl strutting down the street without a care in the world. ‘Hhhhmmm’, you think to yourself. What makes her so extraordinary and you so well, ordinary and in such pain?

Pondering and racking your brain you struggle to figure out the latest mystery. This time you’re not wondering why he didn’t call or why you can’t drop those last five pounds. What has she got that you don’t? What is it?

Then it comes to you. Those shoes, those Mephisto shoes she’s sporting. Those certainly were made for walkin’ baby. That’s right. Bouncing around in those shoes with enhanced durability, lightweight flexible construction, shock-absorbing heels, enhanced foam cushioning and re-engineered outsoles have made that girl as carefree as a lark. They can go all night. Yeah, that’s right I said all night. Then I remembered. The new Mephisto concept store opened on the Upper East Side in April. So now I can be more fabulous than her. I can go grab a couple pairs, slip them on, and walk in her shoes, sort of. Then everyone will wonder why I am so special. So run, not walk to Mephisto and grab some really, really comfortable shoes.

1029 Third Avenue (at 61st Street)

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