Craving Seafood? Visit Sea Bar 2 Grill & Spirits

There are hidden gems when you leave the city (shocking, I know). Travel with me down south to Black-owned restaurant, Sea Bar 2 Grill & Spirits located in Sicklerville, New Jersey for fresh catches of seafood cuisine. I met up with Michelle, a friend who’s just as obsessed with food and beauty as me! We stepped into a marnie dream with blue lights and oceanic decor. The host warmly greeted us and led us to a reserved table in a cozy corner. A few moments later, Lala, our server came over with owner Kalieb Bey. Kalieb is an entrepreneur and chef, plus a hairstylist! He insisted on whipping up something special for Michelle and I to eat, so we ordered drinks and soaked in the atmosphere. There was karaoke that night, and we watched guests go up to belt their hearts out to soulful jams.

A few minutes into our conversation about recent travels and beauty trends, our cocktails arrived! I ordered a Coconut Mojito and Michelle ordered the Peach Mojito. The Coconut Mojito was robust in flavor: creamy, sweet, with a minty hint. I should have been sipping it, poolside, with my sunnies on! The Peach Mojito was fresh and juicy, reminiscent of Georgia summers by the lake house. These cocktails packed a punch and I started to feel the rum instantly. Thankfully, our food came out to remedy this.

Sweet Potato Corn Muffins
And remedy it did; the Sweet Potato Corn Muffins at first glance, appeared unsuspecting. Small and dusted with powdered sugar, innocent enough. When I bit into the muffin, it reminded me of an upscale cinnamon roll but with sweet potato! The decadent muffin glistened with butter, blessing my mouth with warm spices and a smile. The glaze on top sealed the deal. I licked my fingers as Michelle commented how she was excited to see what was next. If this appetizer lured us under a foodie spell, what else was in store?

Shrimp & Jumbo Lump Crab Scampi
Shrimp & Jumbo Lump Crab Scampi was on the dinner table – and oh my, what a sight to behold. The aroma of spices, butter, and a whole lotta love circled our noses. I could have sworn we were transported to New Orleans with the amount of seafood on the plate. The shrimp had a seasoned, slightly spicy, and smoky flavor from being grilled. Plus they were huge, which is always a win on my seafood scoresheet. I’m not a huge fan of mussels but when I took a bite into these, I became a convert. As with the shrimp, these mussels were seasoned to the heavens. For the star of the show: the crab legs. Michelle and I had a blast cracking the shells for the meat, and my god, the meat was sweet! Never before had I savored sweet crab legs and I need more ASAP. Lastly, the pasta was delicious and imparted a little carb vibe between our seafood feast.

Shrimp Tacos
Since it was Taco Tuesday, we, of course, ordered some Shrimp Tacos. These tacos came with seasoned rice (yummmmmm) and of course, the tacos. Soft shelled, seasoned shrimp with a hint of spice that made my mouth water. What’s not to love about a good taco? I took some to-go and ate it the next day. It tasted just as scrumptious, and I enjoyed them on my front porch with some lemonade.

Sea Bar 2 Grill & Spirit has captured my heart and stomach, so plan your next visit to NJ and indulge in the tasty dinners they have to offer! Check out their menu here.