Custo Barcelona Goes Au Naturale


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Naturally Handsome Nigel Barker.

The look of the Spring 2008 collection from Custo Barcelona was nothing short of perfection. Looking and feeling beautiful in your own skin was the mantra as models appeared with semi-matte skin in a natural, no make-up looking palette.


Troy Surratt the leading makeup artist for the collection explained, ” it’s all about natural glowing beautiful skin, not too bronzy, but with a hint of warmth”. To create this look artists were using a powder all over the face in a shade darker than the model’s actual skin tone. Maybelline’s sunlight bronze was used to highlight the corner of the eyes creating a fresh, perky appearance. The artists finished the face using Maybelline’s defining a lash in black. Lips were And finally the look was completed after each girl was glossed up with a neutral shade of Maybelline nail polish.


Hair was natural looking – blown out and tasseled using Bumble and bumble thickening and classic hair spray. Leading hair stylist Eugene Souleiman said the tresses were meant to exude a very Mediterranean vibe. Minimal product and tight pin curls created natural yet still voluminous look.

  1. Loved all the pictures,and articles, for Custo Barcelona Goes all Naturale!.I felt like I was really experiencing the show myself!

  2. What an exciting event,the girls looked fabulous, and the article and pictures told all, for those who couldn’t be there

  3. I found this article fabulous! I felt as though I was there. I can’t wait for this couture to show up in Cedar Rapids,

  4. Going natural is what it’s all about for me. Thanks for covering this designer. Great article – writing was to the point and helps us web readers to feel like we were there.

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