Custom Made Couture with A Side of Booze


I like to pride myself on finding the hippest, hottest, “on-the-brink” trends out there. It’s like I’ve got my finger on the pulse of pop culture or something. Well, now that I’ve woken up from that dream, reality sets in — the truth is though, I have something really awesome upon which I have stumbled (puhleeze take notice of that excellent usage of English grammar). This little tidbit happened to fall in my lap, but it’s actually fabulous so I wanted to pass it along to you.

And we go dooowwwwnnnntoooowwwwwnnnnnn to the LES where I’d like to introduce you to Goldmine Sh*thouse (but we’ll just call them GMSH for short), a New York based artist collaborative. No, they’re very un-Petula Clark even though you totally have that song stuck in your head now. So, who are these guys? David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist, and Colin Burns started the collective in 2003, meeting on Saturday nights with an open door policy for their friends who wanted to partake in the collaborative/artistic process. Their website says: “The work is started by one artist, then passed on, or put aside until picked up by another, and so on, as the piece begins to take shape. At one point, the majority rules in the decision to continue, or deem it finished. This creates a communal atmosphere and a dialogue between the participants, in which all the artists involved have say.” You’ve got to love democracy when it works.

Their work is very in-your-face, and I mean that in the best way possible. I don’t like pastels — pastels are for wimps. Their stuff pops and belts your senses, and you leave thankful for the experience. I don’t know about you, but I was like, “self, I wish I had some sort of, oh I don’t know, t-shirt, with the GMSH designs on it!” Holy GMSH, Batman … tada….we’ve now arrived at this aforementioned tidbit.

So, here’s the deal — you have a blank t-shirt, boring yoga pant, horrible old trench coat, fabulous pair of new jeans — WHATEVER. You bring said article of clothing down to the GMSH Holiday T-shirt Throwdown at the GMSH Studio on Wednesday, December 21. The GMSH fellers take said article of clothing, or articles, and silkscreen one of their designs onto your garment. You are sitting enjoying yourself at the Throwdown, maybe having a drink or two, watching your bland and art-less piece of crap clothing become a work of art. Twenty minutes later, your clothing is dry, you pay $5 for ink, and go home with a one of a kind work of art.

I’m sorry, isn’t that bloody brilliant? I don’t know how many designs they’ll have to choose from, but it’s usually three. And these guys are fabulous artists — your girlfriends will want to know where you got that unbelievable shirt/jacket/underwear, your daughter will think you’re the hippest mother to ever walk the face of Manhattan, and your niece just might start stealing from you. Granted, someone might bring in a white shirt, you bring in a white shirt and you both pick the same design–boom, you’ve got two of the same one-of-a-kind tee. But, if you bring in your uncle’s old trench coat that hasn’t seen the light of day since god knows when — now we’re talking.

You know I’m a sucker for fabulous artists. You know I’m a sucker for one-of-a-kind anything. You know I’m a sucker for custom couture. I think I hit the motherload.

The GMSH Studio, 93 2nd Ave. Studio #1. The party starts at 6pm and goes til…”late.”

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