Dahesh Museum Has It Going On


Aight, so we all know I’m a humongo fan of the Dahesh Museum of Art over there on Madison Ave…love the gift shop, love the restaurant, and I super love the exhibitions, lectures, and edumacational fabby stuff.

We’re getting into the depths of winter doldrums here in good ole NYC, so I think it’s really important we find things to do post-office emprisonment that is outside our usual routine of that hour that’s supposed to be happy. Ok, who are we kidding, it usually is happy…well, except for those times when the wine turns our upside down frowns back upside down and we turn into emotionally drunk basket cases. Ha. Ah, those were some good times, eh? Yeah, that friend still isn’t talking to me.

Moving along…so, there are two upcoming events in particular I’d like to give a hollerback girl to at the Dahesh that I think y’all will find enlightening, enriching, and enlivening. En’t it lovely? The first Thursday of every month is late night at the musee, when the doors stay open until 9pm and…oooh, oooh, oooh…from 6pm until 9pm admission is FREE. Hoooah. This Thursday, February 2, there will also be a lecture at 6:30pm called The Poet and His Portrait: Representations of Homer in the 19th Century. Dr. Roger Diederen, the museum’s curator, will walk us through some big and famous 19th century artists and how they depicted Homer in their work. I’m refraining from the Simpson’s jokes because frankly we’re better than that people, we’re just better than that.

And then…tada, this one really slapped me across the arse…on Saturday, February 18th join your fellow lovers of animation for a screening of Ice Age during the “Meet the Illustrator” Series featuring character illustrator Peter deve. The screening is at 2:30pm, the lecture is at 4pm, and the whole afternoon you would have spent watching the Discovery Channel on your couch will only cost you $15. If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out who Peter deve is, look at Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, a few other ginormous Disney films, and several New Yorker covers. He’s huge, my friends, huge. HUGE.

Of course, there are always other awesome things happening at the museum that you can check out at http://www.daheshmuseum.org.

Dahesh Museum of Art: 580 Madison Avenue (btw. 56th and 57th). 212-759-0606.

Shhhhh, the secret continues…

Ok, I decided it might be a little fun to continue this whole “who is the real Razi Schwartz” bit. Really, I just wanted to come up with another fake celebutante who could be writing this column. I guess in reality we all know it’s totally not a pubesceleb, but…gosh, how funny would that be? Couldn’t be Nicky Hilton because she’s too busy making sweet sweet chickadees. Couldn’t be La Lohan because she’s too hungry and can’t breathe. Oooh, what about Avril Lavigne? Kelly Clarkson? Kirsten Dunst?

Oh well…if only the real me could be as…not so busy with just as much money as the aforementioned lady thangs. Ho hum…..

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