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Call me crazy, but anyone named “Zorba the Buddha” immediately catches my attention. I know, you’re thinking they must be reviving “Zorba the Greek” on Broadway, starring the Dalai Lama. Au contraire! Zorba the Buddha is the apt nickname belonging to an Indian mystic named Osho. TranceBreath is a spiritual organization offering workshops, classes and events, which incorporate his teachings…namely Osho Active Meditation. They also offer teachings based upon Breath Therapy, Social Meditation, and Tantric Awareness. Their central premise is the integration of meditation into daily life.

Because let’s face it, modern human beings are stressed out creatures, especially us chicas de las cuidades. It’s sad, but we’re just going, going, going all the time and we need help to learn to chill out. In India they have laughter classes. Groups of people gather together, do stretching exercises, meditation and practice laughter.

You might find this bizarre; completely wacko, perhaps? Or maybe there’s some hidden glint of laughter stifled deep down inside of you saying, hey, maybe this isn’t such a crazy idea. I mean, really think about it, when was the last time you had a full-bellied, no holds barred gaffaw (not at someone else’s expense, but because you felt deeply joyful)? I know…I can’t remember either.

So come out and experience something new this Friday evening, March 31st at 7pm, at Yoga Mandali, 560 Broadway (at Prince St.), Suite 406. You can get more information on TranceBreath, Osho and their plethora of eclectic events by checking out their website at: And come and see for yourself exactly what the hey is the intersection of dance, laughter and meditation. You know I’ll be there with rings on my fingers and bells on my shoes.

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I got the Nirvana package done at Praba after reading your write up. It was wonderful and I want to thank you for introducing me to such great place.


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