Dance Lessons

Like every major event in entertainment, the only thing that really matters is the “3 W’s”: Who Wore What. The Sundance Film Festival, as lofty as its ideals may be, is no exception.

The great thing about Sundance is that the duration of the festival as well as the chilly temperatures don’t particularly cater to the glamorous red carpet moments that are hard for the “little people” to replicate anywhere else (sequined strapless gown in Aisle 9? I don’t think so). Instead, celebs and pseudo-celebs alike hunker down to more practical winter gear for the sake of artistic expression, big screen-style. So while you may not be able to benefit from a goodie stocked hospitality lodge, you can at least bid farewell to Sundance with some real world winter fashion tips from those who did.

Unlikely Pairings: Accessorize with an unexpected detail


Billy Crudup and his borderline pornographic mustache…Lance Bass attending rapper Nelly’s very hip hop infused shindig…MC Hammer back from the dead and posing with a snowboard. These were some of the more confusing images out of Sundance; I didn’t understand them, but I think I liked it.

Perhaps mixing a little of the absurd into our everyday lives isn’t such a bad idea. Slap a Slinky on your wrist and work it like the paparazzi know your home address. Winter’s already as “blah” as an Alicia Silverstone comeback, the worst you can do is have a little fun with yourself.

Neck Work: Use your scarf to its full potential


Parker Posey and Dennis Hopper let their tails hang. Sienna Miller kept hers loose. Gretchen Mol gave hers volume. Everywhere in Sundance, scarves were getting the kinky treatment: knotted, twisted, draped and tied. The scarf is a highly unappreciated accessory but can hold its own and define your look with a simple toss. Don’t take it for granted!

Coat Check: Invest in at least one knock ’em dead coat


To be honest, the fashion at Sundance this year was pretty basic. I almost longed to see Pamela Anderson in a pair of those hideous furry boots just for kicks (no fear, I quickly recanted once I googled up the image). Jeans and plain sweaters were in no short supply and who could blame them…it’s COLD! What sets any fashionable femme apart from her contemporaries, however, is an awesome coat; either very well made, or completely funky and fun. Take your cue from Sienna Miller (love that girl) who showed off in a sleek belted number, Bijou Phillips’ leather lined hounds tooth, or Regina King’s blazing white trench.

Unleash the beast: Men get hairy


Clearly embracing the mountain, men took up the call and put down the razors. I’m not sure if it was the fresh air, or simply sheer laziness, but facial hair was all over the place. 3rd Rock’s Danny Masterson very Grizzly Adamsesqe face came as no surprise, but it was actually refreshing to see so many other men going beyond the scruff. Now how will you tell whose hair is in the sink?

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