Death Of Classical’s Crypt Sessions: A Must-Have Experience

Imagine being underground in a crypt at night, surrounded by lit candles, listening to a violinist with a small group of other classical musical lovers… that’s the brilliant Death of Classical experience. Death of Classical is committed to revitalizing the performing arts through unique and creative concert experiences that simultaneously promote underrepresented composers and performers, so take an unforgettable subterranean journey, or gift tickets to friends and loved ones. Crypt-tripping is a rare and marvelous pursuit for music lovers.

A video of Jennifer Koh’s performance:

The concert on 11/3/22 in Sugar Hill featured artful violinist Jennifer Koh, presenting original compositions titled “Alone Together,” as a nod to our shared and isolating pandemic experiences. Adorned in a black strapless dress with reflective glass pieces, she performed for an hour in the crypt of The Church of the Intercession.

Next up on the roster: OWLS on 11/9/22 (sold out), Guitarist Jiji on 11/28/22 (sold out), Empire Wild – 2 cellists and a vocalist on 11/30/22 (tickets available).

And there are other wild subterranean series on the horizon:


Call of The Catacombs
Concerts are also presented in the Catacombs of The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, curated by Andrew Ousley in partnership with Green-Wood. The series takes its name from the distiller’s term for whiskey that evaporates while maturing in the barrel, thus going to the angels. Described as riveting and unusual chamber music, how can you beat a cemetery concert, especially one as famed as Green-Wood. You’ll be haunted by many of the world’s great minds.

Check out their YouTube video preview for the concert presentation’s dramatic, majestic setting:

All shows have a pre-concert gathering with cheese and wine, and/or food cocktails from 7-8pm, and performances run from 8-9pm. Concerts groups are small and intimate, and tickets will sell out quickly, so stake your claim for tickets now.

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