December Babies Need Love Too:
Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank Around The Holidays


So unfortunately you’ve got friends or family who were born in the dreaded months of December and January, the gift giving season, or perhaps you were even one of those people born then. But everyone knows that December and January babies get the shaft because well their birthdays are during the holidays. Maybe people are short on money since they have bought so many gifts, or the birthday babies are simply forgotten in the excitement of Christmas and Hanukah, or there are a variety of other reasons stemming from the holiday season. Well here are some new and fresh gift ideas that are creative and won’t break the bank for those December and January babies:

Cinda B bags


Hit the road with Cinda B bags this winter season. These puppies are water-resistant, durable, machine washable, and stain resistant, so throw ’em around, march through the rain, and they’ll be fine, don’t worry. They also have a huge opening so you can cram and still see everything in them too. There are duffels in all sizes with a matching garment bag too. And celebs like Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Molly Simms, and even Robert Downey Jr. are snatching them up too. Available at

Shape Up Shoes


Normally you pack on those holiday pounds with the hors de oeuvres at parties (c’mon you know you love those pigs in a blanket), egg nog, the fruitcake and more, but with Shape Up Shoes you won’t gain that extra weight. See, Shape Up Shoes have a negative heel, so in order to walk normally, you must use muscles in your legs, butt, and abs that you don’t usually use and the calorie burn rate is 3 times that of standard walking. So the result of wearing these babies is a slimmer, more shapely appearance. And remember nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Available at

Southern Proper


Us New Yorkers don’t really take many cues from the South, but every once and a while, those Southerners have a good thing going. So the next time you take a vacay to the Hamptons, make sure you have a Southern Proper tie or bowtie for your beau. Designed with the charm and grace of the South, these ties boast cotton bolls, dogs, ducks, cherry blossoms, magnolias, and more. So tie one on your gent, he may just say “thank you darlin’.” Available at

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