Dining Out on Thanksgiving? Just Remember to Lose the Sweatpants


New Yorkers have never spent much time in the kitchen, so don’t expect them to start now. If basting a turkey all day isn’t your idea of a good time, then hit up any one of the classy joints that will serve turkey with all the fixins. Here’s the Beauty News run-down of the best bets. Be sure to call for menu details.

And don’t forget that your local diner will most likely be hosting a slightly scaled down version of the Thanksgiving feast. For some more tips on how to make the most of this Thursday, check out BN’s How To section.

Room With A View at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel on CPS hosts a lavish Thanksgiving feast

For a dining experience just as darling as its name implies, check out Jane of the Village. For $45 you get three course prix fixe meal of the New American variety. Just be wary: plain Janes have been known to serve up something surprising.
100 W Houston (at Thompson)
(888) 316-3975

The Harrison
Visit The Harrison for some American cuisine that’s not exactly “of the people.” This is one elegant pilgrim. Get yourself a $65 Thanksgiving dinner from menu of classy options.
355 Greenwich St (at Harrison)
(212) 274-93

Marion’s Continental Restaurant and Lounge
Marion’s promises to indulge all your worst habits with pumpkin bisque, Amish turkey and honey crisp apple crumb pie. Dinner is $45 for adults and $17.50 for kids with seatings at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm.
345 Bowery (at Great Jones St.)
(212) 475-7621

Hotel Rivington’s in house restaurant, THOR, will be serving the closest thing to down home cooking this side of Broadway featuring organic roasted turkey, carved right at the table (rather than by your electric knife weilding dad). Butternut squash soup, apple fig stuffing, sweet and mashed potatoes and string beans round out the menu.
107 Hotel Rivington (between Ludlow and Essex)

Chubo Restaurant
For a holiday meal slightly less wallet-lightening, Chubo will also be taking reservations for Thanksgiving dinner. Chef and owner Claude Chassagne usually tailors his menu to reflect a more global approach to cuisine, but on this day, the usual standards are in full effect.
6 Clinton Street (off E. Houston)

Central Park BoatHouse
Traditional cuisine gets fancied up to go along with the charming lakeside view. Enjoy fall foliage at its Manhattan best while giving thanks for the fact that you’re able to indulge yourself with some fine Thanksgiving day fixins. Priced in the Lake Room: three courses, $60; children, $30; Garden Room: parties over eight, $50 each; children, $25 with Seating from Noon-8 p.m.
Park Dr. N. at 72nd St.

This southwestern inspired restaurant offers a $45, three course prix-fix menu that includes one cocktail such as a hot apple manzana or the pumpkin pie eggnog. Guests, with a reservation, can look forward to appetizers such as an autumn leaf salad or a Texas blue crab chowder. Entrees stay in the southwestern flavor with a pumpkin seed crusted salmon filet or a cider brined Hudson Valley Turkey. Save room for dessert, because Agave plans, among other choices, a coconut macadamia pumpkin pie as well as a sweet potato pecan flan.
140 Seventh Ave. South
(212) 989-2100

For an all-American event with emphasis on seasonal and local products, head to Zoà« on Prince Street where Chef Michael Kaphan will prepare a $59 three-course menu for the grown-ups and another three-course menu for children. Have a vegetarian in your midst? Zoà« offers tasty options such as roasted hen-of-the-woods mushrooms and blue Hubbard squash risotto. About 450 patrons who will be offered a choice of 250 American wines and 30 wines by the glass.
90 Prince St.
(212) 966-6722

Café Gray
For a platinum level Thanksgiving, Café Gray is the place to be. Above Columbus Circle, a few lucky families will get the best seats to view the Macy’s Parade, gourmet style. Starting with breakfast at 8:30 a.m., patrons will watch the parade live and on large plasma screen TVs. Kids will be treated to a comedy and magic show before parents can learn the art of carving from Gray Kunz himself. The pastry chef will follow with a dessert demonstration. Dinner will be served early, at 12:30 p.m. The tab for all this merriment? $500 per person.
10 Columbus Circle
(212) 823-6338

This Upper West Side, Mission-inspired restaurant offers traditional holiday menu options as well as rustic Italian dishes. On Thanksgiving, patrons will receive a three course meal which will include an antipasta, a choice of an entrée of either turkey, yellow fin tuna, a market fish or a heritage pork chop. The meal is $75 for adults and $40 for children under 12. Seating between 2:30pm and 8pm.
164 W. 75th St.
(212) 787-6300

Not feeling quite so patriotic? Go for French-Asian fusion at Asiate, which ups the ante with some edgy Thanksgiving choices. Make a tradition out of sticky rice pudding. You get three courses at $95 for adults and $55 for children. Seatings noon to 8 pm.
80 Columbus Circle, at 60th St

Here’s one kind of fusion that might not be so peaceful – except, of course, to the palate: Middle Eastern meets down home Southern. You’ll find some exotic stuffing in your deep fried turkey. Throw down $35 for three courses. Seatings from noon to 4 pm.
7704 Third Ave., nr. 77th St.

Candlelight and rustic Italian ambiance offers turkey with Mediterranean fare like the house-made porchetta. Three courses will run a forgiving $29.95 and they’re seating from 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m. with an à  la carte menu from 3p.m.-8:30 p.m.
256 Fifth Ave., nr. Carroll St.


By Amber Roniger

[/center] [center]

The RITA HAYWORTH ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION GALA EVENT last Tuesday’s eve at the Waldorf Astoria was an affair to remember, both for its extravagance and altruism. And my golden ticket opportunity to get all duded to the nines for a rightly relevant and vital cause. Psyche!

Before lapsing into a storied breakdown of my ferocious attire though, let’s spend a quick moment on a more subdued tenor. Alzheimer’s disease is a fatal illness with no known cure. Its effects are far-reaching – almost everyone has been affected by Alzheimer’s in one way or another. Numbers show that a new case of dementia apparently arises every seven seconds and that by 2040, there will be over 80 million suffering worldwide. Some rather sober realities to contemplate…

I do admit that despite the seriousness of the subject, I’m elated to be invited to such a major hobnobby affair. But jubilation rapidly spirals into panic as the reality of “black tie” sets in. I have absolutely nothing to wear. Nothing I tell you! Total fashion meltdown… That’s when a sublime plan begins to take hatch – to connive some wonderful designers in mein Rolodex into adorning my black-tie-going-bod with some of their phenomenal pieces. Could I really pull it off? I cunningly craft my plea so as to portray that I’m doing them the favor (tee-hee). Miraculously, all the designers I appeal to agree to my proposition.


After all is said and done, this regular gal is outfitted, draped and beglittered like a fairy-princess in a rocking, glimmery chocolate-brown gown and faux-fur wrap by Johannesburg-born designer and atelier to the Greek goddesses – for reals peeps – ANGELO LAMBROU. I’ll tell you what, ladies, his corset cocktail dresses will have you happily sucking it in, all for the glorious glory of fashion. Rummaging the goodie racks in Angelo’s shiny little East Vill boutique, getting fitted by the designer himself, maybe indulging in a nice pour of S. African Chardonnay (every bit as good as the French, if you ask moi) is a bit of a fashion aphrodisiac, a twinge euphoric on the shopping-brain. Thank you, Angelo, darling… for the bodacious duds. Moving on…


My own eyes practically bugger out at the huge (read: mammoth) diamond pearl drop earrings and classic emerald and diamond ring I’m brandishing courtesy of Mz. KIMBERLY MCDONALD, fiiiine jewelry curator to women of luxe and lofty taste. Ice baby, smoooth. Good lord, I’m fetching in glossy girly-bobbles. Is that vain? Whatever… every girl looks a nip shinier in stunner rocks. I briefly consider making a run for the border, but gratefully my better senses kick back in. Kimberly, you hooked a sister up…


My ‘date,’ Mz. Svetlana Sky (owner of HIGH CHAI TEAROOM – a gauche and shameless plug? so sue me!), exhibits wearable art on her tender countenance, handcrafted by resident genius from the east, Mz. TATIANA of TAT TANK-A (www.finearttanka.com). Ladies, do me this solid and indulge my silliness, take a real close eyeful of Svetlana’s jewelry and tell me what you see. Come on now, don’t be shy, you know what it is… with that pearl in the center… The official list name is “Feminine.” (Btw, the Star of David yours-truly is flaunting also by Tatiana – shtetl-fabulous, baby.)

As we round the corner into the Silver Corridor on the third floor of the WA, I can’t help experiencing a nostalgic wave flashing back to the grandest bat mitzvah I (n)ever attended. Svet and I float past the silent auctions and refracting celebrities to grab some bubbly before parking it at Table 36 on the ring in the Grand Ballroom. This joint defies posh.


Our table is most graciously hosted by the ESTATE OF GEOFFREY BEENE, huge in the philanthropic fashion world (you high-flying mavens should know). Check the vintage gown on my lovely tablemate, modeling classic Geoffrey Beene rock ‘n roll studded glitz, transcending ever so effortlessly into contemporary edgy couture.

Everyone turns their attention toward the stage to PRINCESS YASMIN AGA KHAN, arguably the world’s foremost crusader to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. A bit of quick Googling informs me that Yasmin is the royal daughter of Rita Hayworth and The Aga Kahn (anyone with the word ‘the’ in their name is not to be trifled with). Princess Yasmin (not the only princess in the room anymore – disappointed!) cared for her famous mother in the final stages of her life. Greatly affected by her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, Yesmin devoted her talents to raising funds to find a cure. She holds too many positions of esteem on different boards and charities to list, but we can pretty well conclude that Princessa is serious about her fundraising. Not coincidentally, the Rita Hayworth Gala event is the most successful Alzheimer’s fund raising event in the world. Last Tuesday pulled in over $3.1 million smackers for the Alzheimer’s Association. None too shabby for an evening’s schmooze, eh?

The gala event certainly proved to be fabulous and o’ so glam. And even though I’d been on a cleansing fast since the previous week (thanks again Dr. Jubbs!), I’ll confess that I inhaled every crumb, scrap and vestige of creamy sauce from my veggie plate; including some buttery risotto timbale borrowed from Svet’s fish fry. Damn right I’ll break my fast for a grand a plate! I even caught myself enjoying dancing to live Michael McDonald. Did I just admit that on paper?

PS: It’s also worth noting that the Waldorf Astoria may well be the best spot in town to catch a cab, a veritable taxi vortex for the rich and fabulous.

Rita Hayworth Alzheimer’s Association:
(800) 272-3900
NY Gala Tickets:
(212) 843-1712
[email protected]

Angelou Lambrou
96 East 7th Street
(212) 460-9870
[email protected]

(212) 988-5711
[email protected]

Tat Tank-A
[email protected]

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