Dinner & Show: Sanctuary Hotel Teams Up with “In Transit”

Inside The Sanctuary Hotel on 47th Street is the inviting and alluring Tender Steak & Sushi Restaurant — a neon and sleek dining room with a diverse menu for all tastes. This winter the restaurant teamed up with “In Transit” performing on Broadway at Circle in The Square right next to “Wicked.” This offer is amazing and a guaranteed New York experience. If you are a local or visiting the metropolis, here is what you need to know.

Tender Steak and Sushi Restaurant and Haven Rooftop are hot spots where locals mingle with an international crowd. Patrons who show their “In Transit” ticket stubs at either of the hotel’s signature restaurants can enjoy the following offers: 20% off the à la carte lunch and dinner menus or one complimentary glass of wine, prosecco, or signature cocktail with your meal when you purchase either of the prix fixe theater menus available from 5 to 7pm Monday through Friday.

Here are my recommendations.

Start off your visit with their Negroni Spagliato — a seriously strong concoction of Hendricks Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro Nonino and Prosecco. I enjoyed every sip.

Their appetizer selection runs the gamut from Avocado Fries to Rock Shrimp. We chose the Dragon Roll as our wise and well-informed server, Luigi, recommended. My dinner guest never had sushi before — it’s not always raw fish — this roll came perfectly balanced with shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, spicy sauce and topped with fish roe. We noted the fact that it wasn’t wrapped in seaweed. A work of art for the taste buds.

Mild and flaky, our next course was the Branzino. This Mediterranean seabass was perfectly prepared with butternut squash, spinach and English pea puree. The dish is so light it melts in your mouth. I asked if it was the whole fish and Luigi said yes, however it arrived at the table as a filet. All the better.

I’ve cut back drastically on my intake of meat for the new year. I get protein from other sources. However, when a restaurant includes the word steak in their name, I have to make an exception. The Filet Mignon was delivered to the table with an appetizing presentation and at the perfect temperature. It’s accompanied with your choice of sauces: Truffle Butter, Béarnaise, Chimichurri or Peppercorn. A good steak should never be ruined by a condiment but that didn’t stop me from topping it a little with chimichurri — it’s one of my favorites. This cut of beef was tender, grilled to perfection and mouth watering. The platter is also accompanied with roasted garlic infused with honey and rosemary.

After your meal, just a hop over Broadway and a few blocks north is Circle in The Square. “In Transit” is a new musical that delves into the underbelly of the city — the subway. The plot revolves around several commuters and how their lives intersect after swiping a metro card. What makes this show outstanding is all of the music is created by the actors’ voices. Several critics have used the word acapella to define this genre of performance but I think that term is inaccurate, goofy and lame. “In Transit” is so much more than that.

The show is humorous and cleaver enough to sway even the most cynical New Yorker. From a rat dragging a full slice of pizza to the irreverent booth attendant and the real reason why we never board an empty subway car, the stories move as quickly as the express line with a conveyor belt acting as the tracks and third rail. The staging is simply brilliant. Kudos to the super talented cast: David Abeles, Moya Angela, Justin Guarini, Colin Hanlon, Erin Mackey, Gerianne Perez, Margo Seibert, James Snyder, Mariand Torres, Nicholas Ward, and Steven “HeaveN” Cantor.

Forget Uber and take the nearest A,C,E,N,R,1,2… to midtown for dinner and this show.

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Click here purchase tickets: In Transit

Dine at The Sanctuary Hotel
132 West 47th Street
New York, NY


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