Discover Outdoors: The New Yorker’s Solution to Adventuring Outside the 212


Life in New York is an adventure in itself. But for those of you who harbor an outdoorsy side – though not enough of one to give up your closet-less 4th floor walkup in the East Village – Discover Outdoors is the answer you’ve been looking for.

With a full offering of unique trips ranging from weekend backpacking excursions in the Adirondacks to white water rafting daytrips and urban rock climbing, Discover Outdoors’ tours and trips are ideal for the city adventurer looking to get out of the routine of urban life and into the wilderness. But not too far into the wilderness. An hour upstate is wilderness enough for most of us.

Last weekend we ventured on a Discover Outdoors’ kayaking and wine tasting expedition on the Hudson River.

Gear and kayaks were provided and the kayaking guides offered safety and paddling instruction prior to our voyage. They were even there to help once we were actually in the water—which was, for us beginners, very helpful. We paddled for about an hour and took in the fantastic views of the cliffs and mountains lining the Hudson River. We then landed at Little Stony Point where we tasted some local wines and relaxed on the beach before paddling back to the docks.

Only a short drive from Manhattan, daytrips like this one will fill your need for the great outdoors, but get you back to the city in time for your dinner reservations. No car to get out of the city? No problem. Discover Outdoors provides transportation to and from your out of city junket—a perk that is included in the price of your trip.

For more information on how you can plan your pastoral adventure away from the city, visit

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