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Red Carpet Launch on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.

A monumental 10-story building off Fifth Avenue is the new luxurious location for Domenico Vacca. This retail facility will remind us of the old grand dames for shopping like B. Altman’s, Saks and Neiman Marcus but takes the concept to a new level for today’s urchins of fashion and ‘glamuoroti’. The idea goes beyond a department store with services like the bespoke atelier, a private members-only club, an Italian espresso bar & café, a barbershop and beauty salon as well as a rooftop terrace along with 30 furnished residential units designed by Vacca himself.

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The new venture purports to reinvent the experience of shopping. In a digital world dominated by virtual stores, retail shopping has lost a lot of its cachet, allure and soul contends the Italian designer as he aims to put the excitement back into the experience of commerce.

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His dream is to create a space like a “village square ” in Italy that offers a relaxing, nurturing environment where a typical busy New Yorker can enjoy a multitude of services — think of it as a destination point and place to see and be seen — get a haircut or beard trim while sipping on an espresso or Prosecco, having a light bite on the terrace while making phone calls, buying a pair of designer shoes, etc.

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Membership to the club include privileges such as unlimited drink and food consumption for a member and up to 3 guests for $20, 000 per year. There is an art gallery curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim who will offer rotating shows with established and emerging artists. During fashion week, runway presentations of Domenico Vacca’s latest collections will be showcased on the premises.

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The concept is to create a lively environment and a cultural complex to help New Yorkers manage different needs in a one-stop opportunity. If the venture is successful the Italian designer plans to open similar stores in London and Paris.

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The store will see the launch of Domenico’s new fragrance, tableware and eyewear lines as well. The event this Tuesday is sponsored by Disaronno, Maserati of Manhattan, Giancarlo Ceci Wines, and Saicaf.

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