DOSAI Offers Up Kosher Vegetarian Indian Cuisine

As New Yorkers, we are blessed with an abundance of food from all over the world — it’s a consistent and constant turn on a global Lazy Susan. Here is one of the latest hot spots for vegetarian dining. One of the nation’s top tandoor masters, Executive Chef & Michelin-starred restaurateur Hemant Mathur, opens the doors of DOSAI in the Murray Hill neighborhood.


Indian spices are multifarious in their use and health benefits. They have been used in everyday cooking for eons without realizing the natural inherent properties of these magical ingredients. Think about the basics: cumin, coriander, brown mustard, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom or spicy red chilli pepper, but there are many more. In recent years, with the popularity for natural foods and health consciousness growing, these spices have become more and more incorporated into the American diet. They help rid disease and have properties that contribute to the health of skin, eyes, teeth, bones and organs.


Gone are the sparkle, spangle and twinkle of holiday lights found in many Indian establishments and now replaced with an updated, sleek and sophisticated decor. Dosai is ultra modern with a long, plush vibrent red banquette, soft lighting that flatters and a line of blonde wood tables in the slender dining room. The restaurant is accented with simple tree branches arranged in stark and modest planters that pop in color against the bone white walls. The room is comfortable, inviting and attractive.


Chef Mathur and his team have created a vast menu of vegetarian items like RASAM: A clear lentil & tamarind infused soup. MEDHU VADAI: A spongy dumpling in a crunchy bite prepared with lentils & curry leaves. KATRIKA: Eggplant sautéed with onions, tomatoes and roasted coriander. I also recommend the AVIAL: A medley of vegetables cooked with coconut, yogurt and curry leaves. The food is fresh and flavorful.


Dosai does not have a cocktail bar but offers many soft drinks, teas and other beverages. I recommend the Lassi with its sweet, smooth yogurt, cardamom, and spices. It was most enjoyable and the perfect accompaniment to the vegetarian meal.

Dosai delivers but we recommend a visit for lunch, after work or date night. Eating healthy is a beautiful thing.

104 Lexington Avenue,
New York,
(212) 684-4010

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