Drink to The New Year! The Guilty Grape

Ring in 2023 or Valentine’s Day (sooner than you think!) with this new brand that imbues quality to your life’s celebrations and fun times:

The Guilty Grape
Wine has been a cultural centerpiece around the world for centuries, yet people of color are not marketed to as stereotypical wine drinkers – so a pair twin sisters, Nichelle and Nicole Nichols, set out to change the narrative. These twins in Dallas founded The Guilty Grape in 2020 (pandemic inspiration!) to bring inclusivity, culture, and luxury into each bottle they sell. They serve the New American Wine Drinker: people of color and millennials who don’t fit into the category of older, stereotypical wine consumers. Black representation in the industry is less than 1%. They became certified sommeliers even though only about 31% of sommeliers are women and only 11% are black. We raise their lovely glasses filled with their excellent bubbly to toast them as 2023 comes to a start.

Each bottle of The Guilty Grape comes with a QR Code on the label to teach you more about the wine you’re drinking. From glassware to decanters to tannins, the Nichols sisters want you to feel confident while ordering at the dinner table. They’ve expanded their products far beyond great-tasting wine, too. Are they revolutionizing the culture of the wine world? Guilty.

Peach BUBBLY! – Celebration Collection Iridescent

If Peach Bubbly sounds like heaven to you, order the Celebration Collection Iridescent, which comes with two awesome diamond-shaped, stemless wine glasses and a bottle of mango bubbly in an elegant black velvet box for gifting. Or opt for their Peach Mango Bubbly in the Celebration Collection Amber HERE.
Both Gift sets $118.

You have to love this description of The Guilty Grape cabernet on their website:
Ladies, if he has a nice body, is deep, makes you feel like the prettiest girl in the world, and leaves you longing for more – that’s not your man, that’s our Cabernet Sauvignon.” Their Cabernet Sauvignon is an all-purpose choice for dinner after a long day, or for an easy single serving while binging your favorite series, or for having friends over. ($30)

You’ll also find a Cedar Candle, decanter with glasses, wine education, blog, and a Gift Card for purchasing at their website HERE.

To your health in the new year and to The Guilty Grape!