Drinks for the Dog Days of Summer

In these peak temperatures, your tendency to feel drowsy after lunch may get worse. “Don’t Mediterraneans really have it down?” you wonder as you yawn your way back to your desk to take a two hour post-lunch siesta. They know very well in their wisdom that post lunch hours are a wasted effort. But in America, whose unique work ethic helped build the strongest nation in the world, such indulgence is unheard of. Hot or cold, the show must go on, the music must play and the city must not sleep. To help you beat the summer afternoon blues, check some of these Melitta iced coffee recipes recommended by Uncle Sam to get back to work in a breeze.

Instead of using regular ice cubes in your iced coffee, make coffee ice cubes and see the difference.

A pot of strongly brewed Melitta Vienna Roast’s Coffee

Brew the coffee and store it in the refrigerator.

When it has fully cooled, pour some into ice cube trays and freeze. When the coffee ice cubes are ready, pour the cold coffee over the cubes. This keeps the coffee strong even as the ice melts.

For more Melitta recipes such as The Iced Créme de Cacao, The Almond French Kiss Freeze (my favorite) or the awesome Champagne Café, check the website http://www.Melitta.com/coldtreats.

Everyone knows that the real reason that you cannot live without your daily Starbucks pit stop is that you just love how irresistible you look holding a latte in one of these slick cups with the double wall insulation. Someday, these powerful images may well become the nostalgic icons of our era. However the latest chic-k-est thing this summer is to sport one of these eco friendly Bpa free, To Go Copco Cups that have the look you like without the environmental faux pas of clogging your local landfills. You can even pick the color of the textured, non-slip comfort strip to match your nail polish, your eye shadow or your shoes. Pink, lilac, azure blue or apple red, your office mates will scream with delight. Use it with your coffee cubes iced coffee. Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon.com.

If making ice coffee is too much trouble because you are always on the fly, keep a few of these officially easiest-way-to-enjoy and truly delicious Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Lattes in your office fridge or cooler. Seattle’s Best Coffee, a gourmet, ethically traded coffee, is the perfect grab and go drink for a hot afternoon. It has a smaller tin size that can easily be carried in a purse. Flavors include iced latte, iced vanilla latte and iced mocha latte. Available in 4 packs at grocery stores and singles at all convenience stores. For more information go to http://www.seattlesbestcoffee.com

If you are the kind that uses a butterfly net to chase antioxidants, your drink of choice after lunch is definitely Konared, a new Hawaiian superfruit antioxidant that uses the red ripe flower of the coffee tree rather than its beans. Full of unprecedented levels of powerful anti-oxidants, quinic acid, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid, it has an ORAC score of 7,900 +, significant higher than any known fruit. Recharge your batteries with this powerful drink with true cellular bioavailability and read more about its health benefits at http://www.KonaRed.com.

In America, where there is no such thing as the after lunch siesta to get you through the dog days of summer, there are many caffeinated solutions to help you keep in peak form during the cruelest temperatures. Whether you like to make ice coffee yourself or prefer a drink on the go, a healthy fruit elixir or a new way to carry your iced coffee, there are ways to take you through a long day in top style and good spirits.

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