Easy Beauty with Armada-style’s M-3.2

Have you ever sat down and counted how many products you use every day? Between all of the hair care and skin care products you use on a daily basis, don’t you wish you could find that one magic product that you could use on both and just be done with it? Well, your wait is over. Introducing Armada-style’s M-3.2, from Armada. A natural ionized liquid, made up of Deep-Sea and Plant Minerals which contain the power of antioxidants. At first glance, you might think, “Is this a hair care product or a skin care product?” The answer is BOTH.

Armada-style’s M-3.2 was originally developed as a part of the hair conditioning treatment that you would get at your favorite hair salon. It infuses the moisture into dry, damaged hair and restores it from inside so the hair will be shiny, supple and healthy. And the best thing about Armada-style’s M-3.2? It contains no chemical or synthetics. In fact, it is so natural, you can actually drink it.

Suggested Usage Directions:

For Hair: Spray M-3.2 on your hair just before blow drying. It delivers moisture into the hair and protects it from the hair-killing heat of blow dryers. The end result is a softer, shinier and thicker mane. You can also just spray it on whenever your hair or ends feel dried out and lifeless.

For Skin: Use M-3.2 before you cleanse your face. It will help in raising the dirt and oils to the surface of the skin, making your skin cleanser clean more efficiently. You can also spray it on after you cleanse your face as a toner or as a pre-toner. This will help in increasing the permeation level of your favorite lotions, resulting in a smoother, more moisturized face.

Armada-style M-3.2 is only available at salons. Please contact findsalon@armada-usa.com for a listing of salons that carry it. In addition, ask your favorite salon if they keep it in their stock.

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