Get Festive With These Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tips From

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you’re anything like us, all this Fashion Week madness has distracted you from prioritizing your special night. Hopefully you’ve got something cooked up already (or you’re taking advantage of these incredible prix-fixe dinners). But if you’re scrambling around last minute to incite romance, you may not have time to schedule your favorite manicure before the big night out. Fortunately, there’s always a DIY option.

We asked writer Mette Jorgensen of for some tips on simple, easy nail art tips for Valentine-appropriate manicures we could do at home, and she gave us these fun and affordable ideas.

Classic red mani
“A classic red manicure is perfect for those who aren’t blessed with the ability to do nail art or who simply cannot be bothered- it’s attractive, it’s sexy and who doesn’t love a classic red mani?”

Nail decals
“For those of you out there who want to spruce up your mani but don’t want to do the nail art yourselves, nail decals are a great alternative. Some of our faves include these Kiss Mark Nail Art stickers and these Heart Banner nail stickers, both of which are affordable and glam.”

Toothpick trick
“Using a toothpick and your choice of polish color, anybody can easily create a heart on their nails. Just make two dots two thirds down the nail and use the toothpick to connect the dots. It’s easy and looks like the picture below when finished:”

Scotch tape stencil
“An easy and quick tip for shapes if you aren’t confident with a striper tool or a toothpick is to cut a stencil design using scotch tape and stick it on the nail, then paint over the stencil with your chosen design color. It looks professional and edgy.

Helpful hint: ensure the polish is completely dry before removing the scotch tape.”

Striper tool to create clever designs
“If you have access to a striper tool you can easily freehand some great Valentines day designs. Anything is possible from drawing hearts to writing messages, as we’ve demonstrated below.”

If you try any of these tricks, or have Valentine’s Day nail plans of your own, Tweet a picture at us so we can see and share.

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