Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Tokya: NYC’s Newest Sushi Restaurant and Dance Club

Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin & Lawrence Akiya

In New York City, it often feels as though there’s a sushi restaurant on every block. That means it would take something really special to make one stand out from the sushi crowd. Tokya, a new sushi lounge in midtown, is such a place, and it has not one, but several special qualities that keep it from being your average Japanese joint.

Firstly, the space serves as both a restaurant and a dance club. That means you won’t find any lunch specials: instead of being open all day, Tokya opens at dinnertime and welcomes guests all night. After dining hours, the beautifully decorated space turns into a Japan-themed nightclub with Djs, music, and lots of dancing.

Also, because it’s a restaurant and a club, in addition to a menu of delicious rolls and creative appetizers from Chef Eiji (Taka) Takase, Tokya has stellar cocktails. Prepared by a master mixologist Orson Salicetti, many of the drinks are Japanese-inspired (green tea-infused bourbon, anyone?) and pair perfectly with your sushi dinner.

Photo Credit: Roy Rochlin & Lawrence Akiya

Tokya is fun, tasty, and an ideal place for those weekend nights when you have no plans to go home early. You can eat, drink, and dance off all those calories all in one conveniently-located spot.

Location: Tokya is located steps away from Tao, Lavo and the Four Seasons on 40 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022
Contact:(212) 306-6888

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